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Split-Key Cryptography means No Usernames or Passwords
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How Atakama’s Distributed Key Management
Encryption Works

Each file saved to the Atakama enabled location is automatically encrypted using AES with a 256 bit key, military grade encryption. The unique key for each file is then automatically fragmented into “key shards'' and distributed to users’ physical devices (phone, tablet laptop or workstation).


Files protected by Atakama have their keys split into smaller pieces that are each stored on a different device. Atakama begins the process of opening the file by requesting the correct key fragments from the user's devices.


After the user approves with a tap on their mobile device, the piece of the file's unique key stored on that device is securely transmitted back to the requesting computer for Atakama to reconstruct.


Atakama confirms that the necessary pieces of the key have been correctly rebuilt before decrypting and opening the file. This entire decryption and file opening process takes place instantly within the Operating Systems native interface.

Atakama Features

no passwords

No Passwords or Codes

Atakama provides military-grade data protection without the need for traditional authentication using usernames, passwords, or one-time codes.

major platforms

Supports All Major Platforms

Atakama is cross-compatible with all major desktop and mobile platforms so that data can stay secure with any mix of systems and devices.

secure cloud sync

Secure Cloud Sync

Atakama's client-side encryption enables the safekeeping of protected files in sync with major cloud storage services (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) and private cloud networks.



Atakama allows users to securely share files within cloud and network locations without disrupting existing user workflows.



No internet? No problem. With support for Bluetooth Low Energy devices, users can always access their files.



Atakama's built-in search tool lets users search encrypted files without having to decrypt them.

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